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This is a repository of scripts and notes that have been authored by Platform Labs Consultants for access from external locations. Please feel free to download anything you find useful for your personal use. However, all materials are protected by copyright and reproduction or publication on other servers is prohibited.

netsh address generator
Generate netsh commands to bind multiple addresses. Much easier than using the gui interface for network properties when you have many ip addresses to bind. continue ..

adsl by the numbers
Most adsl modems have user accessible administration screens. The connection status screens are sometimes not well understood. This article sheds some light on the numbers and how they might be used to determine what corrective action might be needed. continue ..

microsoft sql server database mirroring setup
One of the key high availability technologies available in Microsoft SQL SERVER 2005 is database mirroring. When configured with a witness server, the mirroring facility allows automatic failover. This article describes methods to solve difficulties encountered while setting up the required witness server. continue ..

microsoft windows keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts are useful when the mouse is unavailable, to speed up work, when communicating over slow communications lines, or when using remote kvm over ip. continue ..

dns-operations archives
An open public forum for informal reporting, tracking, resolving, and discussing DNS operational issues including outages, attacks, errors, failures, and features. continue ..


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