comparing internet video and game rental point of sale software

Selecting the right point of sale system is a crucial decision in the creation of any membership based online video or game rental business.

It is the storefront which you will be using to attract and retain your members. Any problem at all will send your prospects and existing members into the arms of your competition.

As a service to prospective clients interested in creating an online dvd or game rental business we have prepared the following checklist for your use in selecting the right software vendor.

Some spaces have been left at the bottom for you to add your own questions.

__ does the point of sale software have a production history?

__ does the vendor have real life experience in the industry?

__ how much do I have to pay upfront?

__ how much does ongoing support cost?

__ are hardware and software upgrades and maintenance free?

__ is the demonstration site populated with a full title catalog?

__ is there a fully pre-populated catalog available?

__ how scalable is the system?

__ what kind of system uptime can be expected?

__ what automated data backup facilities exist?

__ what degree of system automation is builtin?

__ how much computer expertise is required?

__ is everything integrated using barcodes?

__ what is involved in final integration?

__ what refund policies exist if I fail?

__ can I pay as I earn?

__ is there any coaching available?

__ is there a training server I can use?

__ what kind of server do I reasonably need?

__ how are dvd and game titles added to the system?

__ do I need to do any html coding?

__ how is box cover art uploaded?

__ is there an automated content management system?

__ how much work is involved in title upkeep?

__ are the vendor's interests aligned with mine?

__ is the software plug and play?

__ can the vendor offer audited uptime statistics?

__ is there an integrated system for marketing partners?

__ is there an automatic email facility for member notices?



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