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MMS Point of Sale Software for online dvd and game rental businesses is a remotely hosted managed internet application service originating from servers owned and maintained by


A one time setup fee of $500 is payable at the start of integration. This fee is charged to offset some of the costs associated with the initial setup of the sites related for your rental business, user setup on the training servers, dns setup, email setup and related consultations.

Third party expenses such as logo creation, graphic design and domain name registration are the responsibility of the client.


A monthly service fee is billed on actual sales volume. The fee is calculated as 8% of net sales and membership subscription revenues denominated in the local currency of the site. There is no fixed contractual term.

Having costs track revenues makes budget and cash flow planning more straight forward and predictable for your new site.

For example, no fee is payable on free trial memberships even though services are rendered because there is no associated sales revenue.

Fees are payable 15 days following the end of the month in which the revenue was generated. In effect, the client is being granted credit terms of 30 days net on average since the payable may have been generated anywhere from 45 to 15 days prior to the due date.

Your monthly fee includes all server software, mms, hardware, content feeds, data backups, maintenance, upgrades, bandwidth, storage, security, monitoring, bug fixes, and technical support. Be sure all of these elements are included in any cost comparisons.

Fees are further discounted at specific volume levels.

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