internet point of sale hardware

The information presented here outlines the computer equipment required to operate the backend of your online dvd or game rental membership business with the MMS video and game rental point of sale system.

personal computer
a personal computer running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and Internet Explorer to handle incoming and outgoing shipments. wall mountable lcd screens should be considered due to the pattern of usage. a notebook computer can be used if desired.

label printer
a durable high volume label printer capable of handling 4.0" wide x 1.5" high labels printed on continuous roll or fanfold paper label stock will be required for printing shipping and inventory identification labels. thermal transfer label printers using wax/resin ribbons are recommended for this purpose due to their resistance to smudging and fading. the printer must be capable of using truetype postnet and code 39 fonts. one printer that has been found to be well suited to this application is the DataMax I Series Model 4208.

barcode scanner
a barcode scanner will be required for scanning the barcodes on labels for incoming and outgoing rental shipments. the barcodes automate the updating of inventory management information in the backend database. handsfree ccd long range barcode scanners such as the Symbol Technology LS9208 Omni Rastering scanner are recommended.

two way mailers
one packaging option for video and game discs is self sealing two way mailers. the shipping mailer is reused by the customer to return the disc at the end of their rental.

desktop image scanner and software
a desktop image scanner will be required to scan cover art images for new titles that are not already in the central database. VUESCAN from is the supported software for creating the cover art scans. the presets and controls in VUESCAN permit consistent and convenient scanning. consult the faq at for scanners that are compatible with the software before purchasing a scanner. scanners with scsi interfaces are preferred due to the increased speed of operation in comparison to scanners with usb interfaces.

internet connection
a reliable internet connection is required for accessing the servers run by to handle backoffice functions. a dialup connection is sufficient. a broadband adsl or cable internet connection may be more convenient.

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