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These are just some of the screens available in the adminstrative modules of MMS. For example, the account management screen contains many links to detail and edit screens which are not illustrated here. Generally, any text rendered in bold letters is a link to an additional screen. Click on any thumbnail to view a 800x600 screenshot reduced in size from 1280x1024 originals in a new browser window.

rental software information index

home page - entry point for authorised personnel
context sensitive help - comprehensive help screens to keep staff on track
main working area - consistent layout of work screens reduces operator confusion and surprises
user password change - users manage their own passwords
rental unit receiving - incoming shipments of rental returns from members are input by barcode scanners with options to note exceptions
rental unit shipping - outbound shipments of rentals and sales to members are input by barcode scanner for update of outstanding shipments
subscriber and affiliate account management - complete member account details and history are available from a single screen for review and management
detailed client rental history - complete member shipment history aids quick and accurate resolution of client inquiries
rental title management - complete details and management of inventory, pricing, labeling, etc.
inventory reconciliation report - comprehensive series of reports for inventory reconciliation
inventory requirements - sophisticated inventory requirements analysis reports
advertising graphic management - simple maintenance of promotional graphics used by marketing partners
affiliate payments - complete control of commissions payable to marketing partners


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