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Internet video rental and game rental businesses as ecommerce business ventures are usually high cost startups in terms of time and money.

The usual strategy for a online rental business is to create custom point of sale software to handle their video rental or game rental operations. Online dvd entertainment media rental operations have unique and complex backend processing requirements. The pos software must seamlessly handle product presentation, inventory tracking, inventory management, business logistics, subscription management, and content management.

BUILD or BUY is a critical decision in acquiring business software. Using existing software that meets your needs is almost always the best choice. MMS rental software from meets the need for low cost and rapid entry into the online game rental business or online video rental business.


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MMS is a private label remotely hosted point of sale software platform for internet dvd rentals. All server side technical requirements for a online dvd or game rental service are provided and maintained by on behalf of client sites. This highly scalable point of sale software platform has been in successful production use for the last three years. The system is constantly enhanced and tuned in consultation with our clients.

Clients pay a single monthly fee covering all content, software, hardware and bandwidth costs. No long term contractual commitments are required. There are no franchise or affiliate fees payable. is simply a supplier of technical services to your online rental business.

The competitive advantage for new dvd media rental businesses using the system are savings related to:

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A conservative estimate of the minimum time and financial requirements to create a custom internet based point of sale software system for a video rental membership operation would be nine months of development time at a cost of 400,000 dollars. Project management and production server hardware can add another 200,000 dollars.

That's over a half million dollars and nine months invested for an unproven video rental or game rental point of sale software platform before a business can signup the first subscriber to their online video rental store. The sheer magnitude of the financial commitment entailed in such entertainment media rental ventures has prevented all but a select few businesses from entering the dvd media rental market.

Netflix is thought to be the largest existing internet dvd rental service. It is disclosed in their financial statements that their annual technology costs are in the $20 million range. There is no breakdown which would allow an outsider to determine whether this total includes only software and hardware costs, or if it includes all technology related costs.



principal officers and associates of own a non-controlling passive interest in a dvd rental company servicing a specialty market segment, as well as providing technical and consulting services to said company.

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