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These are just some of the screens available in the public dvd and game rental site modules of MMS point of sale software used by subscribers and other visitors. Click the thumbnails to view 800x600 screenshots reduced from the original 1280x1024 originals in a new browser window.

rental software information index

public home page - as the starting point for the public upon entering a rental site, this page should welcome and inform the user
subscription plans - offering multiple subscription plans will help you appeal to more types of customers with a price plan that suits them
signup page - a membership signup page with a clean design moves customers through the signup process easily
featured promotions - a dynamic featured title promotion page brings user attention to the titles that the site would like to promote - warning: graphic adult content
advanced search - users can search on genre, title, studio, director, actor to quickly find and rent the titles of interest to them
search & browse results - dynamic catalog pages contain thumbnails and summary information for all titles matching the user request with hotlinks for all user requests and drill down navigation
detail view - presents full size box cover images and complete information for all titles with hotlinks for all user requests and drill down navigation
member rental queue - allows users to manage the status and preferred order of all requested titles
member personal bookmarks - allows users to bookmark interesting titles for later recall without committing to a rental
member transaction history - detailed history of account shipments and charges


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