setting up a internet video or game rental store

MMS video and game rental point of sale software takes care of all the server side requirements of creating a online dvd or game rental business.

The list below is meant as a checklist of the most common considerations that a prospective dvd or game rental business will need to examine in preparing and executing their business plan that are outside of the scope of the MMS video and game rental point of sale application software.

It may be advisable to use one of the business plan templates available for sale from sources on the internet.

rental software information index

legal and banking
-- business entity
-- domain name for the proposed site
-- business banking account
-- merchant account for receiving credit card payments
-- payment gateway for processing credit card payments
-- income tax identification number
-- business license
-- postage meter account
-- sales tax registration

-- personal computer
-- adsl internet connection
-- label printer
-- barcode scanner
-- barcode font
-- dvd cleaner
-- storage shelving
-- blank labels
-- shipping envelopes
-- media carriers
-- postage meter or stamps
-- work bench
-- telephone with headset

workstation setup
-- create local startup page on personal computer
-- create email account
-- install barcode equipment
-- install printer equipment
-- install local firewall protection

rental content
-- customer account with distributor
-- selection of startup titles
-- purchase of startup titles
-- upload of additional graphics and data

site content
-- logo creation
-- customisation of user agreement
-- customisation of faq
-- customisation of contact information
-- customisation of welcome page
-- customisation of press releases

site logistics
-- domain setup
-- email accounts
-- payment gateway integration


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